Let’s start with the basics…

  • Are you gaining results from the content you are developing?

  • Are you getting a response from your content?

  • Do you feel like the right people are responding?

  • Is anyone responding?


The first step to finding your target audience is to…

…understand what YOU bring to the table and the type of person that would benefit most!

HOT TIP: Think about the pain points that you address and the solution you provide. Get as specific as possible. 


Define your ideal customer/client by answering the following questions:


1. What is their income level?
2. Where are they located?
3. How old are they?
4. Are they crushing it or struggling?
5. What are their biggest pain points, from a business and individual perspective?
6. What are they struggling most with right now?
7. Where are the most significant gaps they need to fill?
8. What are they currently paying for and are they happy?
9. Are they looking buy already, or do you need to convince them?
10. What would make them hesitant to buy?

Now that you have a better understanding, take the time to collect data on this audience!

Get to know them.

Test different types of…

  • Content

  • Ads

  • Marketing Strategies

The goal is to see what they respond best to. See what captures their interest, what drives them to click and take action! 

PRO TIP: Keep track of these analytics on a monthly basis! Watch to see how your content is performing. Keep a list or an excel spreadsheet where you can note what performed well and what didn’t. You need to allow strategies a solid couple of months to see true results.

It’s easy to get impatient, but keep in mind that the first year or two of marketing a brand MUST include room for trial and error.


Once you discover which content performs best, then you will have your target audience. Once you have your target audience, you will be able to build relationships and know exactly where your investment is going! You’ll have a better idea of your ROI per strategy and the only way to understand this is to understand your audience, who they are and what they respond best to.

What do you struggle with when it comes to finding a target audience?

Let us know in the comments, so that we can develop valuable content to answer your questions!